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A little love letter

Plant cosmic words into the soil of the earth and wild flowers and herbs in your fairy garden. Weave love and magic through the stitches of everyday life. Create a simple and soulful life from the inside out, a little universe where your soul can come home. Taste the juiciness and sweetness from the fruits of life. Light your inner fire, warm yourself first and then others too. Let your heart be in tune with the song of the earth and the universe. Sit with yourself as long as it takes to hear something whispering that feels true and sacred. Let your tears flow like a soft river. Take care of your precious wounds, kiss them with your light and transform them into golden stepping stones on your path to wholeness. Remember that you are love, made from stardust and earth. You're breathing and alive, so live your wonderful potential for as long as this wild ride lasts. 

Liefs Britt

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